Let’s face it, the internet has moved from a place to surf the web to discover and read interesting factoids, run tax software or play games. Now it is a vital communication link for both businesses and family. Internet video technology is the next the next major shift in communication. These are the Internet Video tools you will soon be using. Video mail and instant messaging will be used daily by most for both business and family conversations. Think about it. Wouldn’t you rather have a face-to-face chat with your customer without leaving your office? Wouldn’t you rather smile and talk then type another email? Don’t you think your customer will be happier to see a brief video from you than read yet another email? Yes, yes and of course.

Video-mails, (emails with video in addition to text), and Video Instant messaging are the Internet video technology tools that will soon be part of your daily life. If you weren’t born with “IT blood” running in your veins or if are over 25, can you learn to use these tools to stay connected on the internet and expand your business? The answer is Yes. Let me explain what and how to use these Internet video technology tools.

Video mail is an email with a film strip that, once it is clicked on, plays a short 2-4 minute message. All of your facial expressions are displayed which by itself increases the retention of this information from 10% to 50%. Your face, your words delivered directly face-to-face have a much greater impact than reading a traditional written email. Here is where you set yourself apart from the others that are offering similar services. You become known by your potential customer.

Next: Instant messaging. You might be familiar with the traditional style, when you log the computer, a business associate would be notified that you are available and you begin communicating. However the process is awkward and time consuming… you type, and you wait while they read, and then type a response. Meanwhile your business associate has to wait until you read and respond.

Upgrade this IM with a video IM. Simply have an IM appointment to meet on the computer. Now you can have a “virtual meeting”, a true face-to-face, and real time communication with one or more colleagues. Imagine, saving you and your company the hassle and the expense of battling the local traffic and weather, airport delays, disruption of spending time from your family. With a Video Instant Message you can do your presentations, or discuss any business situation. Now with the tool of video instant messaging, you can maintain face-to-face connection to your satellite offices, co-workers or sales staff. Your Video IM could include associates from different offices or even different countries all talking together while each staying in their own office.

Using this same technology, the video instant message tool, for your family and friends will allow you to schedule a weekly family chat with your children and grandkids. Let the cousins grow together, sharing their lives even if they live thousands of miles apart. It is a Grandparents dream! The use of video Instant messaging will keep the family connected regardless of the location of residence.

These are the internet video tools that everyone will be using in the next year. Relax, they can be point and click easy. So get ready to show your face to your colleagues and friends via your computer.

Source by Dr Anney Zee