Many folks love to go sight-seeing and if you have the extra funds, you might opt for a warm tropical holiday overseas. Of course, before you start packing your bags and buying your plane tickets, make sure to plan your tropical excursion thoroughly to avoid any mishaps.

The first thing you need to consider is if there are any health risks at the moment in the country you plan to visit. Some tropical countries are prone to outbreaks of malaria, dengue fever and other tropical related diseases. Be sure to check out the Centers for Disease Control website ( for the latest health and travel news. If there are no major outbreaks, you are still advised to take the necessary injections for diseases such a hepatitis and malaria and take vitamin supplements before going on your vacation.

The other matter to think about is the visa requirements to travel to that country from your own. Some countries may restrict travel visa to no more than a month, three months or six months. Others may depend on where you’re from and may only give you one or two weeks of travel visa. You can visit the destination country’s embassy or consulate to find out about the specific visa requirements and other travel matters relating to that country. Once you have all the visa information for your destination, you can start booking your flight tickets and book your accommodations.

As you will be vacationing in a tropical country, you should bring along light cotton clothing like t-shirts, light cotton pants and sarongs. Don’t bring along too many clothes as most of these places sell nice tropical wear, usually at cheap and competitive prices. Rain, especially sudden, heavy rain is common during the monsoon season and even during the warm season so be prepared with an umbrella or two.

Sunblock and sunglasses are essential to protect your skin and eyes from the hot tropical sun. Sunblock with an SPF of at least 30, with UVA and UVB protection should be sufficient. Even if you plan to tan yourself at the beach, do use Sunblock on your face and body as you can get severely sunburned if you aren’t careful. Reapply your Sunblock every two to three hours, or every hour if you’re swimming. Pack along mosquito repellents as insects and bugs thrive in a warm climate.

Make a list of the things you need to do and bring before going off on your vacation. It is also good to read up on the country you’re visiting and the local places of interest you might tour. You can purchase travel books or read online about your destination. Some things to consider are currency used, norms and customs of the locals, mode of transportation commonly used, the local information on the town or city you’re staying in and where your own embassy is located there. Find out more about the accommodation you are staying in through their company’s website or email them for more information on facilities available, nearest hospital and transport available to and from the hotel.

To prevent yourself from being cheated on fares and such, plan on where you want to visit and what you want to do even before you get on the plane. Buying a map of the places you want to go will allow you to know travel distances between tourist attractions and how far it is from your hotel. Read reviews and tips on online forums to find out local travel fares, bargain shopping areas and travel advice. It is also beneficial to learn a few local phrases before you fly off so that you can haggle with the locals when shopping. You can learn some local lingo through phrase books or travel websites.

Plan your tropical vacation well so that you and your family or friends can have a fun, trouble-free holiday. Don’t procrastinate on your planning, it may seem tedious to do but it is essential. The important thing about any holiday is that you are safe.

Source by Lyna Murray